Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 2
Page No. 513 - 517

Virtual Engine Sound Synthesis of Eco-Friendly Vehicle

Authors : Hyung Woo Park and Myung-Jin Bae

Abstract: According to the development of vehicle science and technology, motors that move using the forces generated by the internal combustion engine have been moved by electric motors. Although, the number of electric-only vehicles is still lower than that of oil-filled vehicles, electric vehicles are expected to be widely used for various reasons in the future. In particular, various low-pollution vehicles have been manufactured and operated according to the demand to develop environment-friendly vehicles worldwide. These eco-friendly cars have advantages in common and low noise in our shop. Particularly when running at a low speed, a slight operation sound is generated and it is difficult to notify the inside and outside of the vehicle that the vehicle is moving to the people. Vehicles using an internal combustion engine burn fuel and air according to four or two strokes inside the engine whether low speed or high speed. At this time, the energy generated by consuming the fuel moves the vehicle. In addition, various pollutants that we do not want are generated. Examples are exhaust gas, noise, vibration and heat. Among them, noise can be used as a means of notifying the people around the vehicle of the warning or danger of a moving vehicle if the noise is as specified in the standard. In this study, we will discuss the method of releasing engine sound during the operation of environment friendly vehicles. In order to reproduce the engine sound, we analyze the existing engine sounds and propose a method of making the engine sound using the sound generation and synthesis principle. Devices such as the existing VESS simply record the engine sound of the vehicle and reproduce it according to the situation. However, the proposed system uses less memory but can reproduce coterminous engine sounds.

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Hyung Woo Park and Myung-Jin Bae, 2018. Virtual Engine Sound Synthesis of Eco-Friendly Vehicle. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 13: 513-517.

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