Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 14
Page No. 5688 - 5691

Rehabilitation of Industrial Sites: Economical and Social Aspects

Authors : Abeer Abu Raed

Abstract: In Salbke, Magdeburg, abandoned industrial areas with bad image and pollution appeared after moving the heavy industry from the city. This situation led to the co-existence of derelict industrial and residential areas beside each other. The bad conditions of life besides the bad economical situation motivated people to leave this area to other areas of better conditions for living and working. Therefore, it is of great importance to reuse this industrial site to improve the structural conditions of private and public spaces making use of the positive aspects of the area like the existence of the river, the availability of empty space and the good transport network. Constructing new public spaces can be used as symbols for giving a new image to the area, to support the social communication and to improve the values of use for meeting, playing and relaxation. This will also contribute in giving a new image for this part of the city and help in getting rid of the empty spaces with bad effects on the residential area. The new image, based on new structural conditions is supposed to contribute to support the late capitalistic transformation of people’s routines of all age groups with relevance to renewing the spatial organization of everyday life. The idea of constructing public space was studied based on aspects of the environmental, social and cultural basis. Some of the old buildings will be reused to minimize the costs by maintenance and renewal while the water will be used in various forms, the train lines will be re-used as public paths to make the changes obvious to people. In consequence indirect economical effects are supposed to occur through the socio-economic character of life for area and region.

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Abeer Abu Raed , 2018. Rehabilitation of Industrial Sites: Economical and Social Aspects. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 13: 5688-5691.

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