Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 14
Page No. 5738 - 5745

A Quality Control System for White Circle Pull Using Image Analysis

Authors : Rihab Hazim Qasim and Muzhir Shaban. Al-Ani

Abstract: People affected by many diseases at some point in their lives and this affects the productivity of the individual in society and the lives of the entire person and most of these diseases can be cured by medicines. in pharmaceutical industries, every product has its own unique appearance. Especially in tablets, the shape, size and embossed figure should not be varied from tablet to tablet. However, in the actual situation we find number of defect incorporated in tablet inadequate fines to granules ratio inadequate moisture content, improper mixing of the powder, poor formulation and poor machine settings can be some of the reasons for those visual defects such as missing pill, broken pill or fault in cover of tablet pill also production of medicines and pharmaceutical factories producing expanded, so, it is difficult to control the quality of the tablet, there could be damage like break pill bead is bad medicine consumption risk. A novel approach to system for detecting damage to medication bar automatically because it’s hard to search manually if the tablet are damaged or not. Analyzing images play a key role in the design of the system and ensure improved image using histogram equalization, circle detection and analysis circle detector to find out if there are missing or broken bead board is the tablet is damaged. The findings outcome from this study have shown that: highlight the methods, based on circle detection for selecting the best region and analysis it the system give performance 97.33% for detecting damage in the tablet.

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Rihab Hazim Qasim and Muzhir Shaban. Al-Ani, 2018. A Quality Control System for White Circle Pull Using Image Analysis. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 13: 5738-5745.

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