Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 8 SI
Page No. 6359 - 6364

An Efficient Method for Encryption and Hiding Any File in Color Image

Authors : Baheja K. Shukur, Zaid Rajih Mohammed and Sawsan Hadi

Abstract: Steganography is the process for hiding information into cover media. Many of techniques have been used for performing this process on electronic data, particularly audio and image data. Also, cryptography is considered as one of the most valuable and complicated areas in computer science. The need for cryptographic techniques in software used by the general public has increased with the domination of the internet due to the requirements to transmit secret information on a public network that facilitates information intercept and eavesdropping on its communications. Encryption can be defined as the procedure of altering the contents of text (data) into symbols and figures that are hard to interpret. The coding procedure is done with the use of many mathematic algorithms. In this study which deepened on two an effective and secure methods to encryption and hide information in color image. The suggest encryption method depend on the multi-level index and the generation of the content of the table randomly based on the generated equation ,in addition to that the range of the table take the range between 0-255 in both direction. This method is used to encryption any file for any extension. Moreover, to increase the production for this secure files concealing them in image. Applying an effective equation for hiding the secure file in random image position by making special calculating. To evaluate an encryption method number of evaluator measurement used between the original and encrypted file such as histogram, correlation and entropy. Also, we used PSNR, SSIM and NCC measurements to show the robustness for the steganography method. The system showing the good results in each method.

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Baheja K. Shukur, Zaid Rajih Mohammed and Sawsan Hadi, 2018. An Efficient Method for Encryption and Hiding Any File in Color Image. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 13: 6359-6364.

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