Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 8 SI
Page No. 6419 - 6430

Abstract: Damage caused to soils during harvesting has extremely negative environmental consequences which can disrupt the reforestation. This situation threatens the entire ecosystem. In this regard, the goal to improve the environmental compatibility of logging machines has good prospects. At first, this implies considering some methods for calculating the soil deformation induced by the rolling motion of logging machines as the purpose of this study, since when the soil is deformed, its porosity, aeration, water permeability and microbiological activity decrease. This goal is achieved by the following methods: mathematical calculation, comparison, systematization as well as a computational experiment which resulted in a solution to 1000 combinations of random values. Results section provides some calculation methods for calculating the effect that an indenter has on a heterogeneous soil and for making calculations with regard to the linear/square/cube law of soil deformation.

How to cite this article:

A.Yu. Zhuk, A.M. Hahina, I.V. Grigorev, V.A. Ivanov, G.D. Gasparyan, A.Yu. Manukovskii, O.A. Kunickaya, O.K. Danilenko and O.I. Grigoreva, 2018. Modelling of Indenter Pressed into Heterogeneous Soil. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 13: 6419-6430.

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