Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 8 SI
Page No. 6551 - 6557

Abstract: The economic efficiency of grain production largely depends on the use of energy-efficient, resource-saving equipment capable of ensuring high quality of the technological process. In this connection, the original design of a vibro-centrifugal grain separator is proposed and in it as a vibratory drive a flat linear asynchronous motor is used. The linear asynchronous electric motor allows you to bypass various kinds of motion transducers and to obtain direct progressive motion of the working element and together with the elastic elements realize an energetically efficient electric drive of oscillatory motion with adjustable oscillation parameters. The proposed technical solution allows to reduce the installed capacity of a vibratory drive by 37.5%, to increase the service intervals by 18.2% and due to the possibility of adjusting the oscillations parameters of the working element it will increase separation efficiency of grain mix by 2.5-4%, depending on the seed kind and moisture. Experimental dependences characterizing the oscillations parameters of the working element on kinematic parameters of the drive are obtained which in their turn affect the productivity and efficiency of the vibro-centrifugal separator. A mathematical model of a vibro-centrifugal grain separator with a linear electric drive has been developed. It is implemented in the environment of object visual modeling MATLAB (Simulink). The adequacy of this model is confirmed experimentally, the discrepancy between the experimental data and the data obtained by mathematical modeling does not exceed 9%.

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Andrey V. Linenko, Rustam S. Aipov, Rinat B. Yarullin, Ildar I. Gabitov, Marat F. Tuktarov, Salavat G. Mudarisov,, Vladimir Yu. Kabashov, Timur I. Kamalov, Vadim F. Gilvanov and Bulat R. Khalilov, 2018. Experimental Vibro-Centrifugal Grain Separator with Linear Asynchronous Electric Drive. Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 13: 6551-6557.

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