Journal of Food Technology

Year: 2008
Volume: 6
Issue: 4
Page No. 166 - 169

Color Stability of Blackberry Nectars During Storage

Authors : Semra Yuksel and Ilkay Koca

Abstract: Color is one of the most important factors indicating the quality of food. It plays a significant role in consumer’s acceptance of and preference for products. Anthocyanins are phenolic compounds responsible for the attractive color of blackberry nectars. This research was conducted to identify the effect of storage time and temperature on color and pigment during the storage of the blackberry nectars. Nectar samples were stored at room temperature (+20�C) and refrigerator temperature (+4�C) for 7 months. Color and pigment analyses were done monthly. As the results of statistical analyses of the properties periodically studied, the effects of storage temperatures and storage time on L, a, hue engle, polymeric color, color density, tannin contribution and total anthocyanin were found to be significant at p<0.01 level. The decrease in the amount of total anthocyanin which gives original color to nectar was 95% in nectars stored at room temperature and 77% in nectars stored at refrigerator temperature.

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Semra Yuksel and Ilkay Koca , 2008. Color Stability of Blackberry Nectars During Storage. Journal of Food Technology, 6: 166-169.

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