Journal of Food Technology

Year: 2011
Volume: 9
Issue: 6
Page No. 143 - 149

Development of the Production Process for Sorghum Ice-Cream Cones

Authors : J. Kigozi, Y. Byaruhanga, A. Kaaya and N. Banadda

Abstract: The demand for wheat has been increasing with the growth of baking industries in Uganda resulting in soaring prices of wheat flour and thus, a need to find alternative sources. Wheat was substituted completely with whole white sorghum flour (Epuripur variety) in a cone recipe and other ingredients varied to form different sorghum cones. The following parameters of the cones were measured; moisture content, weight, hardness, baking ability, head formation and as well as the functionality (ice-cream holding time). One way, two way and three way effects due to water increase, maize binder increase and reduction in sorghum particle size were found to be significant (p<0.05) but correlations between functionality (ice-cream holding time) and the cone parameters were found to be weak (p<0.05). The highest ranking sorghum cone in functionality held ice-cream for 22 min and remained crisp for at least 20 min was selected and tested for consumer acceptance against the commercial wheat cone using a panel of 31 people. Consumer acceptance testing was done using 2 types of successive category scales; a 9 point hedonic scale to rate appearance, color, flavor, texture and overall acceptability and the Food Action rating scale (FACT) scale measured acceptance by the frequency of eating measurement. The sorghum cone was rated higher than the commercial wheat cone in terms of texture, taste, overall acceptability and FACT ratings. Overall acceptability correlated highly with texture (r2 = 0.732) and appearance (r2 = 0.65). Based on these findings, it can therefore be concluded that the sorghum cone formulation was successfully produced, well accepted and can be adopted for production.

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J. Kigozi, Y. Byaruhanga, A. Kaaya and N. Banadda, 2011. Development of the Production Process for Sorghum Ice-Cream Cones. Journal of Food Technology, 9: 143-149.

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