Journal of Food Technology

Year: 2020
Volume: 18
Issue: 3
Page No. 24 - 36

The Mysterious Domination of Food/Drinking Water Contaminants and Adulterants in Bangladesh

Authors : A.K. Mohiuddin

Abstract: Food adulteration and contamination is nothing new in this age. It is the consequence of modern civilization, people moving from places with altered social value and ethics, industrialization and rapid progression of economic activities. It is highly prominent in urban areas of many developed or underdeveloped countries and so is with in Dhaka city. Commercialism and business mind drive people toward such unethical activities knowingly or unknowingly. Most of the cases it is done by uneducated or illiterate people, having least idea about what evil they are doing to mankind. People who are health conscious mostly avoid these but many of them have to go with this because of the busy life schedule or carelessness. By definition, safe food or drink means pollutants or adulterants presence within the limit of the standard such as pathogenic micro-organisms, natural toxins and potentially harmful chemicals that may cause health hazards beyond a certain limit, either deliberately added or naturally present in them. Again, the economic development of the country doesn’t reveal basic literacy and awareness of general people. Necessary steps should be taken by the authority and mass people should change their mind set up and have to avoid those who creates harm. Brief review of chemical induced food and drinking contamination, their consequences and control. Health care providers/policy makers have a major role play to concerned field. Both general people and the old system are responsible for this unlivable condition of Bangladesh. Population is not the sole for this instance. A sense of poor rules and regulation is always found everywhere. Negligence is becoming a wide spread disease contaminating illiterate to well educated, all kind of people. Many articles and documents found in concerned area of research but the scope of this research is on its focus point chemical induced food adulteration in Bangladesh. Still, the most important aspect of contamination and adulteration is covered but fact is less amount of recent data obtained in few areas. The language of this study is too simple to understand by people with simple scientific literacy. Pharmacists, doctors, nurses, hospital authorities, public representatives, policy makers and regulatory authorities along with general people have to acquire much from this article. Any article or research is based on the think doing good for mankind, at least going ahead from the present situation, overcoming problems and measures. Bangladesh has recently passed from the list of LDC country with massive economic development. The article should create a guideline for the future policy makers of both government and other sectors to review the alarming situation of chemical induced food and water contaminants\adulterants in Bangladesh.

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A.K. Mohiuddin , 2020. The Mysterious Domination of Food/Drinking Water Contaminants and Adulterants in Bangladesh. Journal of Food Technology, 18: 24-36.

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