Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences

Year: 2010
Volume: 7
Issue: 2
Page No. 28 - 33

Education and Democratic Process

Authors : M.A. Ayeni

Abstract: Education is seen as an agent of democracy. Any nation aiming at socio-political development needs a sound and functional education. Pure and genuine democratic process cannot be realized without a sound education that develops critical and analytical thinking. It is an undoubted fact that democracy is the best system of government in the world over. But unfortunately, Nigeria practice democracy in a questionable manner. There is no way one can divorce education from democracy, the two are highly inseparable, they are interrelated and interconnected. It is therefore, the purpose of this study to examine not only the integrative and reproductive function of education and also which is the crux of the matter, the transformative function in the context of the nation socio-political equation. The ultimate aim is to suggest how education could be used for translating the national political theory into an actuality. Although, at a certain level of analysis education might be regarded as an end in itself in the context of the national political equation it is a means to an end. This study is going to discuss democracy in operation, Education and individual in the society, Education as agent of democracy and the juxtaposition of the two concepts.

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M.A. Ayeni , 2010. Education and Democratic Process. Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 7: 28-33.

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