Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences

Year: 2010
Volume: 7
Issue: 4
Page No. 301 - 303

What Are the Factors Determining Tourists Destinations in Africa?

Authors : Kareem Olayinka Idowu and Ajide Kazeem Bello

Abstract: This study examines the factors that determine the choice of tourism destination in Africa. The study has included both endogenous and exogenous variables in the determination of factors that determine tourism destination choice in Africa. Using a dynamic Generalized Method Moments panel data analysis, it is discovered that exogenous variables such as political instability, crime rate and endogenous variables such as world income are not the major determinants of tourist arrivals to African destinations. However, past experience of tourists and telecommunication infrastructures are the major determinants. Apart from these, tourists are also sensitive to prices through real exchange rate. The results of this study however, conform with Naude and Saayman, Eilat and Einav and Alper, Muhittin and Farit. The conclusion in this study is that the exogenous variables such as political instability and the level of crime rate in each African destination are not vital determinants of tourists choice of African destinations. The implication of this is that for African destinations to further reap from the potentialities embedded in tourism sector, African government must be able to stabilize their macro economies and at the same time provide functional infrastructures. Maintenance of peace and political stability as well as reduction in the level of incessant crime rate in the various destinations will also be adequate.

How to cite this article:

Kareem Olayinka Idowu and Ajide Kazeem Bello, 2010. What Are the Factors Determining Tourists Destinations in Africa?. Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 7: 301-303.

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