Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences

Year: 2014
Volume: 11
Issue: 2
Page No. 108 - 117

Politics and Politicking: The Organizational Perspective

Authors : Emmanuel O. Adu, Gbadegesin M. Akinloye and Olabisi F. Olaoye

Abstract: The totality of the community, society, the whole world and even the entire universe is an organization. Organizing involves developing a structure of roles for effective performance and it requires a network of decision and communication for coordinating efforts towards group and enterprise goals. For effectiveness, an organizational structure must be understood and principles and policies must be put into practice through the structural organizational politics. Power and politics are interrelated and interwoven with the fabric of an organization. Politics, power and politicizing are necessary, unavoidable and inevitable. The study therefore examined the features of organizational structure, sources of power, leadership styles, features and tactics of organizational politics. The study equally examined the mistakes in organizational setting and way out. It was then concluded that effective managers need to be fully aware of the existence of political tactics, have the required wisdom, knowledge, skill and should learn how best to manage the organizational politics for the efficacy of the organizational setting.

How to cite this article:

Emmanuel O. Adu, Gbadegesin M. Akinloye and Olabisi F. Olaoye, 2014. Politics and Politicking: The Organizational Perspective. Pakistan Journal of Social Sciences, 11: 108-117.

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