Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2007
Volume: 2
Issue: 3
Page No. 240 - 243

Economic Analysis of Solid Waste Management in Oyo State, Nigeria

Authors : S.A.Yusuf , K.K. Salimonu and O.T. Ojo

Abstract: Solid waste management is important in our environment due to expected welfare gains to the entire community. This study examines the economies of solid waste management in Ibadan North local government area of Oyo State. A random sampling technique was used to select 40 solid waste contractors from the list of registered members obtained from Ibadan waste management authority. With the aid of structured questionnaire information on inputs, costs, service fees, numbers of trips, numbers of refuse containers managed and so on were sought. Gross margin and multiple regression analysis were the analytical tools. The study revealed that few household patronize the waste contractors. Average monthly gross margin and net income of waste contractors were N21,455.71 and N17,063.19, respectively. Mere collection and disposal of solid waste constituted the activities of the contractor. None of them engaged in reuse or recycling of the waste. The regression results showed that only number of trips made to dump site, number of containers of refuse managed and service fees charged were statistically significant in determining the quantity of solid waste collected and disposed by the waste contractor. It is therefore recommended that service delivery be improved while advertisement and enlightenment programme in order to educate the household be staged. Recycle plants could also be established by the government or jointly established by the waste contractor so as to increase the monthly income through sales.

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S.A.Yusuf , K.K. Salimonu and O.T. Ojo , 2007. Economic Analysis of Solid Waste Management in Oyo State, Nigeria. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 2: 240-243.

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