Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2007
Volume: 2
Issue: 1
Page No. 75 - 76

Chemical Modification Cellulose Pulp as Crude Oil Absorbent

Authors : I.A. Okoro and E.N. Ejike

Abstract: The crude oil absorption behaviour of chemically modified celluloses was investigated. The result showed that only three out of eleven modified celluloses are effective as crude oil absorbents; benzoyl modified cellulose BMC, toluene diisocyanate cellulose TDC, toluenediisocyanate cellulose blown TDCb. These three crude oil absorbents posses the same functional group; the carbonyl. The IR of these three cellulose absorbents showed the presence of carbonyl group 1425.51 cm 1, 1533.06 cm l and 1535.82 cm l, respectively for BMC, TDC and TDCb. The order of crude oil absorptivity are TDCb > BMC > TDC.

How to cite this article:

I.A. Okoro and E.N. Ejike , 2007. Chemical Modification Cellulose Pulp as Crude Oil Absorbent. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 2: 75-76.

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