Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 6
Page No. 221 - 224

Zonation of Potential Risk of Rockslides in the Sarein-Alvares Road Using GIS

Authors : Fariba Esfandiary

Abstract: In every region, the true manifestation of unevenness evolves under the influence of a particular system of morphogenesis, which is a function of the climatic conditions governing that region. There is always a relationship between climate and the adverse effects of unevenness. The reactions of high mountainous areas and flat terrain to climatic elements are not identical. In this regard, altitude, volume, structures and in particular, the direction of mountain slopes contribute significantly to the weather conditions of mountainous regions. Furthermore, in geomorphologic studies of contemporary phenomena, the role of climate in morphogenesis, whether directly through climatic elements like precipitation, or indirectly as one of the many morphogenetic parameters, is of specific importance. The climatic conditions in the road connecting Sarein to Alvares ski resort are such that the intensification of morphogenesis is demonstrated through its effects on stones (mechanical destruction of stones) and in some cases affect morphological phenomena. In sum, climatic elements influence the erosion and manipulation of unevenness overlooking this road. However, the temperature and precipitation are of great importance due to their definite effects on erosion. One of the strategies to reduce damage from the instability of slopes is to identify regions that have the potential to be unstable. In this study, the role of climatic factors (such as temperature regime, precipitation etc.) in the activities of morphogenetic factors relevant to the slopes along the Sarein-Alvares ski resort will be evaluated the conditions of this region in terms of morphogenesis are specified and the sensitive and uneven points have been delineated.

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Fariba Esfandiary , 2009. Zonation of Potential Risk of Rockslides in the Sarein-Alvares Road Using GIS. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 4: 221-224.

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