Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2011
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Page No. 1 - 9

Inculcating Scientific Approach in Research Methodology

Authors : Ruzy Suliza Hashim, Imran Ho-Abdullah, Noraini Md Yusuf and Farah Azizah Omar

Abstract: Research methodology is a compulsory course for all 3rd year students for the Literature in English Programme at University Kebangsaan Malaysia. The course is conducted over 14 weeks at 3 h week-1 which takes students through the rigours of finding a suitable topic and writing up the research proposal. In the following semester when they continue working on the proposals into their project papers, the capstone project of their 3 year studies at UKM, many supervisors feel that most of the students’ proposals have been poorly written and conceptualised. This action research attempts to look at four aspects of proposal writing: What are the problems students face in proposal writing? What are the common mistakes and errors students commit in proposal writing? What steps can be taken to promote cutting edge research? What kinds of input do students require for them to be able to write good proposals in current areas of research? As a way forward, this research is designed to provide students with a grounding in the fundamental concepts of literary theory, techniques of literary research and strategies for scholarly writing in the field. Within its broad representation of current approaches to literary scholarship (along with their historical antecedents), the action plan will offer opportunities for students to identify their own orientations within the domain of literary studies and to develop the research methods, interpretive procedures and conceptual frameworks that are cutting edge as well as most conducive to the critical projects they plan to undertake. In addition to developing students' expertise as professional researchers and writers, the research hopes to encourage them to become confident, critical readers of philosophical and theoretical materials.

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Ruzy Suliza Hashim, Imran Ho-Abdullah, Noraini Md Yusuf and Farah Azizah Omar, 2011. Inculcating Scientific Approach in Research Methodology. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 6: 1-9.

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