Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2011
Volume: 6
Issue: 7
Page No. 433 - 438

Competencies Framework for Civil Engineer in Thailand

Authors : Phanudej Kudngaongarm and Chuchai Sujivarakul

Abstract: The civil engineering industry now faces with many problems such as poorly planned projects, breach of the delivery date, erroneous budget estimation, uncontrolled system functionality changes and inappropriate documentation that all lead to the dissatisfaction of clients. One of the main concerns of civil engineering industry is to develop the talent of its human resources since, the quality and innovation of its products and services depend to a great extent on the knowledge, the ability and the talent that civil engineers apply in the development process. A competency framework defines a set of knowledge, skills and behaviors that professionals must have to excel in their careers. A competency framework facilitates the identification of training needs and guides the design of a professional development program. In this study, researchers propose a competency framework for civil engineers whose design is based on the activities and interactions that they perform during the civil development process. Thus, competency framework for civil engineers defines a set of knowledge, abilities and key behaviors with special emphasis in the soft skills. The organization that adopts this framework must define and integrate the specific competencies needed by for civil engineers to allow them to fulfill their goals.

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Phanudej Kudngaongarm and Chuchai Sujivarakul, 2011. Competencies Framework for Civil Engineer in Thailand. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 6: 433-438.

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