Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2011
Volume: 6
Issue: 7
Page No. 457 - 463

An Appraisal Study of Power-Line Communication (PLC) and It’s Application

Authors : Balogun Bashiru Bolaji and Suleiman Kamaldeen Olasunkanmi

Abstract: The communication flow of today is very high. Many applications are operating at high speed in which a fixed connection is often preferred. If the power utilities could supply communication signals over the power-line to the consumers, this could make a tremendous breakthrough in communications. Every household would then be connected at any time and services would be provided at real-time. Using the power-line as a communication medium, communication could also be cost-effective, compared to other systems because it uses an existing infrastructure, wires exists to every household which are connected to the power-line network. In recent times, the deregulated market has forced the power utilities to explore new markets to find new business opportunities which have increased the research in power-line communications the last decade. Researchers have initially focused on providing services related to power distribution such as load control, meter reading, tariff control, remote control and smart homes. These value-added services would open up new markets for the power utilities and hence increase the profit. The moderate demands of these applications make it easier to obtain reliable communication. Firstly, the information bit rate is low; secondly, they do not require real-time performance. During the last years the use of Internet has increased. If it would be possible to supply this kind of network communication over the power-line, the utilities could also become communication providers, a rapidly growing market. On the contrary to power related applications, network communications require very high bit rates and in some cases real-time responses are needed (such as video and TV). This complicates the design of a communication system which has been the focus of many researchers in recent times. Systems under trial exist today that claim a bit rate of 1 Mb sec-1 but most commercially available systems use low bit rates, about 10-100 kb sec-1 and provides low-demanding services such as meter reading.

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Balogun Bashiru Bolaji and Suleiman Kamaldeen Olasunkanmi, 2011. An Appraisal Study of Power-Line Communication (PLC) and It’s Application. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 6: 457-463.

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