Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2012
Volume: 7
Issue: 7
Page No. 344 - 348

Statewide Higher Education Counselling System Using Grid Computing

Authors : D. Ramesh and A. Krishnan

Abstract: Grid computing is a virtualized distributed computing environment which aims at enabling the dynamic runtime selection, sharing and aggregation of distributed autonomous resources based on the availability, capability and performance. The performance of grid is improved in many aspect based on various research direction of last few year. In grid computing, load sharing is the major research issue. This study further explains various existing techniques, architectures, applications of grid computing. And this study proposed an application in which state wise counseling for higher studies is applied. The proposed system has many grid located in many places which spreads geographically in different places. Further these grids are interconnected using inter-grid architecture. The conclusion of the proposed research is proved that the optimal load sharing and efficient transmission of data is obtained in the proposed research.

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D. Ramesh and A. Krishnan, 2012. Statewide Higher Education Counselling System Using Grid Computing. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 7: 344-348.

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