Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2014
Volume: 9
Issue: 3
Page No. 126 - 132

Tick Infestations among Cattle in Minna Metropolis, Niger State, Nigeria

Authors : I.A.A. Ejima, M. Obayumi, I.K. Olayemi and M.C. Dangana

Abstract: A survey was carried out among cattle reared in Minna Metropolis, Niger State for tick infestation for a period of 4 months (June to September 2012). A total number of 218 cattle were examined of which 140 (64.2%) were found infested. Three species of ticks were identified namely: Amblyomma variegatum, Boophilus decolaratus and Hyalomma marginatum. The overall geometric mean intensity was 1.05. Of these species, A. variegatum recorded the highest percentage abundance in bulls (17.7%) and cows (14.6%) in the month of June and July, respectively. There was however, no significant difference in the relative abundance between bulls and cows (p>0.05). Also there was no significant difference in prevalence of infestation between the two sexes (p>0.05). However, the highest (27.4%) abundance of A. variegatum occurred in Maikunkele ranch. Whereas the species with the least percentage abundance, H. marginatum recorded its lowest (8.1%) and highest abundance (8.9%) in Maikunkele and Tayi ranch, respectively. The scrotal and udder regions of the bulls and cows recorded the largest tick infestation, respectively. The lowest abundance of tick infestation of bulls (0.1%) and cows (0.7%) were recorded in the head and neck of the cattle, respectively. The high prevalence rate and intensity of tick infestation recorded in this research has serious economic implications since ticks inflict serious pathological effects on both cattle and humans.

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I.A.A. Ejima, M. Obayumi, I.K. Olayemi and M.C. Dangana, 2014. Tick Infestations among Cattle in Minna Metropolis, Niger State, Nigeria. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 9: 126-132.

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