Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2014
Volume: 9
Issue: 9
Page No. 609 - 613

Experimental Study on Anti Crack W70 AR Glass Fibre

Authors : A. Natarajan and K.L. Muthuramu

Abstract: The present day world is witnessing the construction of very challenging and difficult Civil Engineering structures. Quite often, concrete being the most important and widely used material is called upon to possess very high strength and sufficient work ability properties. Efforts are being made in the field of concrete technology to develop such concretes with special characteristics. Researchers all over the world are attempting to develop high performance concretes by using fibers and other admixtures in concrete up to certain proportions. In the view of the global sustainable developments, it is imperative that fibers like glass, carbon, polypropylene and aramid fibers provide improvements in tensile strength, fatigue characteristics, durability, shrinkage characteristics, impact, cavitations, erosion resistance and serviceability of concrete. In this present experimental investigation is study the mechanical properties of anti crack W70 AR Glass fibre with the ratio of (0.1-0.8%) by volume of fraction and compares the strength results of 7 and 28 days. Many methods have recommended for mix proportioning of concrete all over the world. Among those methods, ACI Method was selected for the project.

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A. Natarajan and K.L. Muthuramu, 2014. Experimental Study on Anti Crack W70 AR Glass Fibre. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 9: 609-613.

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