Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 10
Page No. 667 - 673

Abstract: Present day cement production is a high-technology industry requiring sophisticated technology-savvy approach at each phase of its manufacture. Given that cement, i.e., floured gray-colored powder is a principal product of any cement-manufacturing enterprise considerable attention should be paid to a degree of fineness of this binding agent. The study offers a new approach to determining of the dispersion characteristics of screened powders based on processing of data obtained be means of electronic granulometers.

How to cite this article:

Rashid Rizaevich Sharapov, Yulia Anatolievna Bondarenko, Rinat Rashidovich Sharapov and Vladislav Stanislavovich Prokopenko, 2015. Research of Dispersion Characteristics of Screened Cements. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 10: 667-673.

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