Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 11
Page No. 755 - 757

Abstract: The defects of solid body materials occur in a random manner and are unevenly distributed within their volume that’s why it should be supposed that fracture of solid bodies has a probabilistic nature. This is evidenced by the example of the brittle fracture theory according to which fracture occurs under the influence of microcracks propagation inside a material. There was offered a mathematical model of solid bodies fracture based on probabilistic approach. There were analyzed the conditions of cracks development with account of random character of their dimensions and distribution within the volume of a material. A condition of occurrence of a critical state of a solid body resulting in its fracture was determined. It was established that the nature of solid bodies fracture depends on expenditure of energy applied at time of fracture. Moreover, this relation has a random nature since internal energy of saturation of solid body material is a random variable. Creation of the said Probabilistic Mathematical Model of solid bodies fracture will allow to forecast strength characteristics of various products more accurately as well as to improve their reliability without necessity to ensure unreasonable assurance coefficient.

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A.V. Koroliov, A.A. Koroliov, A.F. Balayev, B.M. Iznairov, O.V. Zakharov, A.N. Vasin, O.P. Reshetnikova, S.A. Savran, A.S. Yakovishin, K.S. Neygebauer and Ye V. Mukhina, 2015. Stochastic Modeling of the Process of Solid Bodies Fracture. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 10: 755-757.

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