Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 10
Page No. 1130 - 1136

Simulating Road Modeling Approach’s in Vanet Environment Using Net Logo

Authors : Saad Talib Hasson and Zahraa Yaseen Hasan

Abstract: The new modified version of mobile Ad Hoc Network called "Vehicular Ad hoc Network"(VANET) which considered as one of the projects of "Internet of Things" (IOT). VANET aims to employ and utilize ad hoc technologies to alleviate Road Congestion in real time. It has a great impact on the society by reducing travel time, fuel consumption, passengers life and finally to save money. In VANET’s environment, the word Vehicle represents an intelligent node with a capability to communicate with mobile neighbors in the network. VANET introduces more challenges aspects as compare to "Mobile Ad-Hoc Network" (MANET) because of high mobility of nodes and fast topology changes in VANET. Several routing protocols have been designed and presented by researchers after considering the major challenges involved in VANETs. In this study a developed approach is suggested depending ontable’s fundamentals. Net logo Simulator is suggested to be used in programming, designing, creating and implementingseveral structures for different road maps. Thisapproach wasdesigned and programmed to be similar in some aspects to DSDV routing protocol. The roads environment and other factures, regulations and case suggestions will differ from others. Three new road models forms are suggested to be implemented and tested with VANET system. The simulation will be used to observe and measure their behaviors by generating and collecting the required data, factors and parameters. Many performance metrics can also be used to evaluate this developed network behavior such as "Packet Delivery Fraction" (PDF), Throughput, "Normalize Routing Load" (NRL), dropped and received messages. The final results showed that the number of vehicles, vehicles speeds, traffic intensity and the coverage area having a tangible effect on the performance of VANET’s networks.

How to cite this article:

Saad Talib Hasson and Zahraa Yaseen Hasan, 2016. Simulating Road Modeling Approach’s in Vanet Environment Using Net Logo. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 11: 1130-1136.

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