Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 11
Page No. 1219 - 1227

Content and Structural-Oriented Effect of Architecture on Expressionism Cinema in Time Interval of 1910-1930

Authors : Amir Haghjou, Sima Ebrahimi and Aliakbar Akbari

Abstract: Inseparability between cinematic description of architecture and the cinematic nature of the architectural experience have caused the mutual effectiveness of these two arts from different aspects. Although both have been known as the art that emerges with the help of many thinkers and experts but we must admit that both of them are innovative arts and resulted from artistic ideation of their creators without wanting to neglect their main nature as a result of team effort. Cinematic style is the techniques used by a filmmaker to grant a specific sense to a cinematic work and can be limited to a specific period of time or place. Expressionism cinema is an example of this model. The main purpose of this research will be to investigate the content and structuralism effects of architecture on art of cinema during expressionism period. The most important question of this research can be stated what has been the effect of conceptual elements, theoretical and intellectual principles of expressionism architecture on the cinema of that era and the artistic style? The research theoretical framework will be based on reviewing expressionism architecture and its theoretical principles, also the analysis of expressionism cinema features and reviewing successful case examples in this style in order to answer this question. The research methodology is based on two descriptive-analytical and historical-interpretive forms. The research statistical population will be Germany and America, respectively because of the depth of effectiveness. It can be concluded that Architecture, as a helpful and producer art has played an important role on shaping the framework and abstract forms in expressionistic cinema. It has facilitated spatial creation of expressionistic cinema concepts in form of architectural space.

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Amir Haghjou, Sima Ebrahimi and Aliakbar Akbari, 2016. Content and Structural-Oriented Effect of Architecture on Expressionism Cinema in Time Interval of 1910-1930. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 11: 1219-1227.

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