Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 5
Page No. 188 - 196

Review on Nano Particle Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites

Authors : Endalkachew Mosisa, V. Yu Bazhin and Sergey Savchenkov

Abstract: The need for lightweight, high strength materials has been recognized since the invention of the airplane. The inadequacy of lightweight metals and alloys in providing high strength to weight ratio led to the development of Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs). The introduction of a ceramic material into the matrix produces a composite material that results in an attractive combination of physical and mechanical properties which cannot be obtained with monolithic alloys. Nowadays different types of metals matrix predominately Al, Mg and Cu have been employed for the production of composite reinforced by nano sized ceramic particle such as carbides, nitrides and oxides. Wide range of property combinations also can be obtained by appropriate selection of metal matrix material, processing methods and the reinforcement phase. Comparatively among all MMCs, aluminium based particle reinforced MMCs have a large potential for a number of engineering applications, due to the fact that nano sized particle reinforced Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite (AMMCs) possess superior high strength to weight ratio, high hardness, fatigue strength and wear resistance. Hence, strengthening mechanisms and property improvement of aluminium based metal matrix composite have attracted the attention of researchers. This work aims to review the most popular processing methods, strengthening mechanisms and wettability of nano particle reinforced aluminium MMCs.

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Endalkachew Mosisa, V. Yu Bazhin and Sergey Savchenkov, 2016. Review on Nano Particle Reinforced Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 11: 188-196.

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