Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 9
Page No. 811 - 815

Simulation of a Geomechanical Monitoring Algorithm for Open-Pit Mining

Authors : Kaerbek Rafkatovich Argimbaev

Abstract: This study contains the results of simulation of a geomechanical monitoring algorithm aimed at identification of unstable sections of open-pit sides and refuse piles of overburden rocks as well as at remedying uncontrollable water influx into barrow pit. The geotechnological conditions of exploitation are characterized by major tectonic disturbances and areas of rocks with low structural behavior which substantially release the cutoff mass. Currently, the following factors shall be taken into consideration during the exploitation of deep levels: pit wall stability time and multiple dynamic loads from huge blasts which generally minimize the wall stability. Thus, the final purpose of geomechanical monitoring is to obtain scientifically proven information which would make it possible to forecast the development of deformation processes, select the technological elements of exploitation and the parameters of pit walls to ensure the maximum efficiency and safety of mining. The long-term pit walls deformation in time forecast developed in the monitoring system is based on the results of the assessment of tectonic disturbances geodynamics at the regional level, structural features of the geology aspects of the open-pit field and geomechanical features of slips to determine the pit wall stability. Pit wall deformation forecast map is a statistically probable model of pit wall deformation in time. The probability factor contour defines the boundaries of the areas which have different deformation probability factors. The various methods to obtain information for geomechanical monitoring have been assessed.

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Kaerbek Rafkatovich Argimbaev , 2016. Simulation of a Geomechanical Monitoring Algorithm for Open-Pit Mining. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 11: 811-815.

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