Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 3
Page No. 195 - 201

The Mapping of Posdaya Development to Improve the Quality of Community Empowerment Programe

Authors : Pudji Muljono, Yannefri Bachtiar and Suhaemi

Abstract: Posdaya is an integrated forum of friendship, communication, advocacy and family empowerment. Posdaya focuses on four fields, namely education, health, entrepreneurship and environment. This study aims to map and collect the data of families by involving cadres of Posdaya, reviewing data from the mapping of the condition and potential of families around the community of Posdaya and to analyze the data obtained for planning, monitoring and evaluation of community development activities within the scope of coordination by Posdaya. The approach taken to carry out this study is the method of action research. The study was conducted at 22 units of Posdaya that located in the city of Bogor and Bogor District, West Java Province, Indonesia. Selection of Posdaya sampled in this study is done purposively. Implementation the data collection of families in the community of Posdaya is done through data collection system as well as the family that has been initiated by the BKKBN, since, 1994 with slight modifications, especially in the utilization of the follow-up results of mapping the family in accordance with the conditions and Posdaya resource potential in the region. The analysis showed that the main problems were the cause of the family Pre-KS and KS-1 is predominantly related to the condition of the house is not habitable, health conditions are not prime, limited access to education and job opportunities are not available to members of the family. There are need coordination between administrators of Posdaya, the cadres and the various parties involved in the workshop and auction activities concern in each Posdaya to cope with a family that has not been prosperous.

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Pudji Muljono, Yannefri Bachtiar and Suhaemi , 2018. The Mapping of Posdaya Development to Improve the Quality of Community Empowerment Programe. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 13: 195-201.

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