Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2018
Volume: 13
Issue: 5
Page No. 313 - 321

Agents of Automated Systems and Training: What Impacts in SMEs?

Authors : Bakkari Mohammed and Khatory Abdellah

Abstract: Information and Communication Technologies (ITC) are more and more used in the Moroccan industry including the use of automated systems in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises SMEs to improve productivity, competition and ensure the best product’s quality. The agents of these systems have found difficulties with the advent of the technological development of the automation by what the industry of the future requires qualifiers agents, competent or even versatile. The acquisition of new skills that this either hard or soft has become a necessity for the users of automated systems in order to keep their jobs within the SMEs. Among the means to help them to acquire the skills is training, several researches related to the training have been established in several areas of activities. Yet, the industrial sector has not benefited from such research to find out the impact of the training on the employee, the reseach and the company. In this study, we will present the results of our survey in the three industrial sectors dominant in Morocco (textile, the agri-food and the automobile) by focusing our study on employees of the automated systems and their relations with the training.

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Bakkari Mohammed and Khatory Abdellah, 2018. Agents of Automated Systems and Training: What Impacts in SMEs?. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 13: 313-321.

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