Research Journal of Applied Sciences

Year: 2020
Volume: 15
Issue: 8
Page No. 249 - 252

Kinetic Mean and Kinetic Standard Deviation: New Statistical Concepts with New Research Implications

Authors : Ahed J. Alkhatib

Abstract: Both Mean (M) and Standard Deviation (SD) are considered basic parameters in statistics and mathematics in measuring central tendencies. Both parameters are widely used in statistical software programs such as Excel spreading sheets, SPSS and others. The main objectives of this study were to introduce new statistical concepts: Kinetic mean (Km) and Kinetic Standard Deviation (KSD) to demonstrate hidden variations and to understand in depth their impact on our understanding of biomedical data. In classic statistics, the M value gives a value for the whole sample and also the SD gives the deviation of all numbers from their M. This study is based on giving the idea of integrating portioned data. The data are further subdivided into short intervals and the M and SD are computed accordingly. Other statistical parameters such as the T test are computed accordingly. At the end of performing many mathematical calculations, a table summarizing the whole parameters is presented. The results of the study showed that the mean of the sample and the kinetic mean were close to each other, although, the kinetic mean was slightly less than that of the sample mean. The standard deviation of the sample was higher than that of the kinetic standard deviation. The main idea of this study was to check the internal variations in both kinetic mean and kinetic standard deviation for each two adjacent figures. In this case, both kinetic mean and standard deviations were shown to be in kinetic mode. We were also able to compute the significance between these values.

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Ahed J. Alkhatib , 2020. Kinetic Mean and Kinetic Standard Deviation: New Statistical Concepts with New Research Implications. Research Journal of Applied Sciences, 15: 249-252.

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