Research Journal of Biological Sciences

Year: 2008
Volume: 3
Issue: 1
Page No. 35 - 38

Awareness of Aging Workers about Health Effects of Lifestyle

Authors : Rezagholi Vahidi , Mahmmoud Nekoui and Vahideh Sadeghi

Abstract: The substantial increase in the mean age of workforce necessitates the study of the factors affecting the aging workers health. The shortcoming of the health of aging workers is partially attributed to improper lifestyle, including tobacco smoking, physical inactivity, improper nutrition and ergonomics. Thereby our basic assumption is that, most of aging workers lack enough awareness of health effects of lifestyle. In order to assess the awareness of aging workers we conducted a descriptive study in year 2001. Although every aging worker might be at risk of developing improper lifestyle practice born disorders, but since the housekeeping staff is believed to be the least privileged ones, were chosen to participate in the study. Seventy subjects all male workers, over 45 years old, less than 12 years of formal education and performing housekeeping duties were selected and their awareness was assessed using a sixteen-item questionnaire. Findings of the study indicated that, the respondents held a good awareness of health effects of tobacco smoking (85%), physical inactivity (77%), improper nutrition (65%) and improper ergonomics; excessive physical demands, stressful and dangerous work environment and poor organization of work (97%). Sixty-four percent of the subjects reported having heard about the programs which aim to improve the awareness of the workers and (66%) reported never attended such programs. Findings of this study also confirmed that formal programs offered by the employers did not have enough incentives to attract the majority of the subjects and the source of their awareness was other than these programs. Thereby findings suggest that employers should continuously upgrade subject`s awareness and practice of healthy lifestyle by offering suitable and attractive programs.

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Rezagholi Vahidi , Mahmmoud Nekoui and Vahideh Sadeghi , 2008. Awareness of Aging Workers about Health Effects of Lifestyle . Research Journal of Biological Sciences, 3: 35-38.

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