The Social Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Page No. 53 - 58

Effect of Fertilizer Policy on Crop Production in Nigeria

Authors : O.E. Ayinde , M.O. Adewumi and F.J. Omotosho

Abstract: This study examined the effect of fertilizer policy on crop production. The trends in fertilizer policy reform were explored. It explores the fertilizer policy in 2 specific policy periods; the pre-liberalization period and the liberalization period. The pre-liberalization period is between 1990 and 1996 and the liberalization period is between 1996 and 2005. Secondary data on the fertilizer distribution and usage rate as well as the National crop yield and some selected crops (cereal) yield data were used in this research. The descriptive analysis, t-test and the regression model were used to analyze the data. It was discovered that the distribution of fertilizer in Nigeria is dwindling. More so, the recommended fertilizer usage rate in Nigeria might have reached the point of diminishing returns. However, there was increase in crop yield in the second era over the first era. The fertilizer usage rate, the quantity of fertilizer distributed, the price of fertilizer and the policy period as policy variables were found to have significant effect on to crop production. The quantity of fertilizer distributed and the price of fertilizer were found as policy variables that positively affect crop production, the usage rate and the policy period has a negative effect. For fertilizer policy to affect crop production positively in Nigeria; the distribution of fertilizer to farmers has to be improved. Government should also ensure farmers are educated on fertilizer usage rate. The price of fertilizer should also be checked appropriately because farmers are found to use fertilizer judiciously when they spend an appreciable sum of money to purchase it.

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O.E. Ayinde , M.O. Adewumi and F.J. Omotosho , 2009. Effect of Fertilizer Policy on Crop Production in Nigeria. The Social Sciences, 4: 53-58.

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