The Social Sciences

Year: 2009
Volume: 4
Issue: 1
Page No. 81 - 90

From Theory to Practice in the Writing Pedagogy: Current Issues and Implications

Authors : Ismail Baroudy

Abstract: Although, the recent literature indicates a historically paradigmatic shift away from product to process in the realm of writing pedagogy, the majority of EFL student-writers seem to be found practically unsuccessful in getting their intentions and aspirations well penned and effortlessly actualized in a written manner as satisfactorily anticipated. In fact, they fail to put into practice the skill of writing as a rewarding process of discovering meaning. To tackle such a complex issue, the approach of process writing is required to be systematically examined, explained and even contrastively compared with that of product writing. The trilogy of approach, design and procedure is applied so as to serve as the theoretical skeleton of the research on its basis the study is conducted. To put in more operational terms, the present study is intended to inquire in depth into the labeled instructional activities as specifically related to the utilization of process writing. Empowered with the obtained knowledge derived from the pedagogical clues and implications out of the present investigation, student-writers are hopefully expected to start afresh successfully and get their true capabilities and potentials realized on the paper with the aid of an instructionally process-based writing framework.

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Ismail Baroudy , 2009. From Theory to Practice in the Writing Pedagogy: Current Issues and Implications. The Social Sciences, 4: 81-90.

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