The Social Sciences

Year: 2010
Volume: 5
Issue: 2
Page No. 70 - 75

Managing Organizational Culture for Effective Communication

Authors : Solomon George Anaeto

Abstract: When the organizational culture is well managed, effective communication is enhance and when effective communication is applied, the organization’s goals and objectives become achievable. On this premise, this study looks at the organizational culture (which may be internally or externally induced) which accounts for the uniqueness of each organization. The culture, in turn, defines the operations in the organization. In addition, the organizational goals and objectives act as the propeller of the culture-moving the whole organization towards a definite direction. The study also discusses the role of managers as cosmopolites in organizations who often interact with the external environment. They come in introducing new ideas to enrich the organizational culture or to prune the existing ones for better productive values and beliefs. Hence, this study is also concerned with how to manage organizational culture for effective organizational communication.

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Solomon George Anaeto , 2010. Managing Organizational Culture for Effective Communication. The Social Sciences, 5: 70-75.

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