The Social Sciences

Year: 2011
Volume: 6
Issue: 1
Page No. 34 - 39

Ethnic Tolerance in Urban Nigeria: The Case of Lagos, Nigeria

Authors : Philip O. Sijuwade

Abstract: Nigeria with its multi-ethnic populace presents an appealing prospect for the testing of hypotheses on ethnic tolerance. This study isolates factors associated with portion of this phenomenon. Specifically, the study assesses the singular and joint effects of gender, age, marital status, religiosity and socio-economic status as predictors of ethnic tolerance. Ethnic tolerance in this study is indicated by a willingness to form cross-ethnic friendships accept cross-ethnic marriages and participate in cross-ethnic entertainment. Data for this study is derived from a cross-sectional survey of the Yoruba and Ibo ethnic adults. The results indicate that age, education, marital status and religiosity demonstrate varying and significant impact on ethnic tolerance. Implications of findings are discussed and recommendations for further studies in the area are suggested.

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Philip O. Sijuwade , 2011. Ethnic Tolerance in Urban Nigeria: The Case of Lagos, Nigeria. The Social Sciences, 6: 34-39.

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