The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 5
Page No. 576 - 581

Student Self-Ratio on Reasonable Levels of Academic Procrastination

Authors : Galina Gotfridovna Aleksandrova

Abstract: Current study offers theoretical underpinning of academic procrastination problem under consideration in University students' environment against student self-ratio phenomena. An assumption has been made concerning students' self-ratio procrastination aptitude nature: this nature will have its aspects, caused, notably, by evident risk appetite. In order to confirm the assumption an empirical study of self-ratio rates and risk appetite in various student groups with different academic procrastination level has been performed. We used psycho-diagnostics and mathematical statistics method for empirical data treatment. General results of empirical research held by the author are presented in this study. These results state: self-ratio of students with low and average academic procrastination level is generally positive and well-formed and its positivity level is inversely proportional to students' distinctive procrastination aptitude in relation to student procrastination intussusception as factor non grata; self-ratio of students with high academic procrastination level is characterized by low integration level and variability of self-sufficiency and risk appetite such academic procrastination bears defensive nature as evidenced by direct correlation with self-respect, risk appetite, procrastination and ego social desirability current research and attained results may serve as reference points for developing psychological correction programs for students with procrastination aptitude.

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Galina Gotfridovna Aleksandrova , 2015. Student Self-Ratio on Reasonable Levels of Academic Procrastination. The Social Sciences, 10: 576-581.

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