The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 5
Page No. 595 - 598

Models of Communication in Research Interviewing

Authors : Vera Petrovna Zeleyeva

Abstract: The study considers the appearance of communication models in research interviewing focused on various research objectives. Closer attention is put on the phenomenological interview the objective of which is description of the daily life experience of a respondent presented by him and obtained by him as the result of self-analysis during mutual research with the interviewer. Description of the psychological events ‘as they are’ as it is accepted in phenomenological psychology transforms the nature of communication of the researcher and respondent in the psychological research. The peculiar feature of the communication model of a phenomenological interview is the presence of intrapersonal communication determining the trends of the communicators’ development. The defining characteristics of the communication model in phenomenological interview and the principles of ethical interaction have been specified. It was shown that the collateral effect of a clinical psychologist in a phenomenological interview is psychological support of clients and creation of the communication conditions raising their subjectivity and self-support ability.

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Vera Petrovna Zeleyeva , 2015. Models of Communication in Research Interviewing. The Social Sciences, 10: 595-598.

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