The Social Sciences

Year: 2015
Volume: 10
Issue: 5
Page No. 626 - 632

Internet as a Resource of Socio-Linguistic Researches

Authors : Tatyana Gennadievna Bochina, Aliya Nailevna Miftakhova and Amir Zufarovich Malikov

Abstract: This study presents results of socio-linguistic researches, conducted on the base of messages on the internet forum. Researchers prove that specialized forums allow conducting analysis of linguistic living reality in natural environment for which reason represent are an ideal base for detecting peculiarities of language’s functioning in various groups of people, united by sex, profession or interests. This research demonstrates specific nature of gender interpretation of male’s image by means of comparison of messages from women’s and men’s forums; we have also covered in details an algorithms of detecting gender differentiation of linguistic means that form an image of the person. Tables and diagrams demonstrate the results of studies of attributive and predicative combinability of lexemes “man” and “the man’s man” and their axiological component. Comparative analysis of women’s and men’s forums showed that there are more common features in interpretation of “man” concept that the differences and interpretation of “a man’s man” notion demonstrates strongly marked gender specifics. Such format of internet communication as forum allows wide opportunities for learning corporate differentiation of linguistic means. The study demonstrates quantitative analysis data, selected by continuous sampling from fishing Internet portal We made a conclusion that in social dialects of anglers the most frequent ate the names of the objects (fish) and the instrument of activity (fishing tackle) and subject’s nominations (fisher) are less frequent.

How to cite this article:

Tatyana Gennadievna Bochina, Aliya Nailevna Miftakhova and Amir Zufarovich Malikov, 2015. Internet as a Resource of Socio-Linguistic Researches. The Social Sciences, 10: 626-632.

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