The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 7
Page No. 1194 - 1199

Professional Plaintiffs False Complaint in Court

Authors : Yadoallah Toulabi and Mohammad Hosein Hajarian

Abstract: Judicial system view of existential philosophy government and reflect the values and model of government structure and ideology of a society. And also focal is on the rights and annulment void. The effectiveness of the judicial system implies proceedings affairs away from any prolongation of with full autonomy, under the rule of law and judicial security will be done with speed and accuracy. Rulings and votes reasonable and documentary under the supervision of competent judicial the wise and righteous with respect for human dignity and citizenship rights far from any discrimination to the competent courts issued and conflicting ends. Iran’s judicial system is based on Islamic legal framework somehow caught is prolongation of the proceedings. This is contrary to justice and public order. Iran’s judiciary due to short comings in the educational system legal and judicial ambiguities, legal defects and disadvantages of the organizational structure with the development of judicial means his ideal namely the Islamic court (judicial healthy, efficient and complete) is away. That needs fundamental changes in educational structures, rules and regulations, management and organizational structure in the context of legal and judicial health. Not skimp cases which individual due to unfounded accusations and attempted to make complaint. Since, the duty of judge is investigating and duty of magistrate is to accept all complaints. The Chimeras claims that evidence of complaints without sufficient reason and sometimes for harassment posed other side with brief investigation will be closed. Complaints or dispute false is title for lawsuit or complaint unrealistic. Usually for dirty purposes done such as delaying payment of debt. Professional plaintiffs phenomenon as a problem in the criminal justice system can cause many problems such asmaterial and moral damage on innocent people, a huge financial cost on the judicial system, taking time the courts and police stations and create sense of lack of confidence to the police and judicial system. However, already allegations of unfair and counterfactuals complaints focus for legislators and law scholars have been and the subject of professional plaintiffs for those involved in the justice system is not an unknown concept. But as a criminal phenomenon and harmful to the criminal justice system it is argument that at least in iran’s criminal law has not been considered and has been done less discussion and practical work in this field.

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Yadoallah Toulabi and Mohammad Hosein Hajarian, 2016. Professional Plaintiffs False Complaint in Court. The Social Sciences, 11: 1194-1199.

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