The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 7
Page No. 1269 - 1276

Strategic to Improve Public Service System in Indonesia Government

Authors : Nurman

Abstract: In the government institution, one of the services is for public and civil. Indonesia is very large country that required good public service to serve society. Current condition of service is very lack with many complaints especially in government institution, slogan for reformation and transforming of good governance has been planned but not much application on site. Previous research and survey on public service has been done but in overall public service still not much improvement. This study proposes some solution that can be applied and the strategies implementation that will be applied to evaluate public service system within Indonesia. The important goal of public and civil service is to provide satisfaction to society which is apply by the strategy for optimum servicing based on the standard of quality for human resources performance. Furthermore, the governments’ staff performance which provides public service is required to be upgrade by doing some workshop and training. Thus, in this research tries to find outthe solution and alternative strategies to be apply in Indonesia government.

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Nurman , 2016. Strategic to Improve Public Service System in Indonesia Government. The Social Sciences, 11: 1269-1276.

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