The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 28
Page No. 6663 - 6672

The Progress of Russian Multipolar Politics: Pro and Cons in the International Views

Authors : Fadra Hamid

Abstract: In 20th century, the growth of international relations turns into world-system relations. The principles and methods of International Phenomenon possibly changed/shifted, we cannot surely describe the presentation of laws/rules of international relations used in policy-making process. International politics currently led to a new system where Unipolar no longer answer to the world stability. The US leadership as the sole force since 1990 rated not provide stability to world security as predicted by many scholars. Trust the third world countries seems became lower because of US hegemony’s policies. The long existence of Unipolar system, the absence of rivalry power which caused the US power syndrome. The dominated US policy in international, precisely its military alliance NATO, the US interests could be become a threat for other countries. Bilateral cooperation, regional integration and US role in world problems, certainly positioned this country as hegemony. It spreads fears to small countries, because the US national interest could be exceed the sovereignty of other countries. The choice is to ally to the US by seeking common interests or perform its own national sovereignty and interests that could be contradict with the US. To achieve its interests, each state began to set up its strategies to anticipate the threats. To anticipate the threats, the state generally increase their powers by collaborating in organization, creating the economic zone, increasing the number of their military forces, updating their technology, increasing their political and economic roles in region or international.

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Fadra Hamid , 2016. The Progress of Russian Multipolar Politics: Pro and Cons in the International Views. The Social Sciences, 11: 6663-6672.

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