The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 28
Page No. 6753 - 6760

Some Toba Batak’s Proverbs Reflected at the Movie: "Anak Sasada"

Authors : Roswita Silalahi

Abstract: Proverbs give a great contribution to the way of people thinking in a certain community. In this case, culture also gives a great influnce in the constructing people in conveying their idea. This research focuses on the philosophical life of Taba Batak community using movie subtitles with the following objectives to formulate proverbs containing philoshopical life of Toba Batak community and to assess its translation quality. Data used is the spoken text in Toba Batak film entitled ‘Anak Sasada’ (The Only Son) and it is translated into Indonesian subtitle, produced by Costellazione Production (2007) in 150 min. The approach used is qualitative descriptive method supported by documentation, interviews and grouped discussion. The theories of linguistic anthropology, language and culture (Jakobson) and Sapir-Whorf as well as translation quality assessment are applied in this research. The result shows that Toba Batak has some proverbs in their life such as about kinship, symbolic, work ethic and social behaviour. In terms of translation quality, 95% of the text is accurate whereas 5% is less accurate. While, 97% of the translation is well accepted and 3% is less accepted.

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Roswita Silalahi , 2016. Some Toba Batak’s Proverbs Reflected at the Movie: "Anak Sasada". The Social Sciences, 11: 6753-6760.

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