The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 28
Page No. 6809 - 6812

Reflection of Public Interest in Online Mediare Presentations of the Republic of Tatarstan

Authors : Elena S. Doroschuk and S. Tatiana Staroverova

Abstract: Public interest is associated with the expression, through the public claims of the socially active strata of society, of valuable potential of society as a whole, when the vision of the future of society and the state is reflected, the systems of values are formed that guide every member of society in the goals and possibilities. This is due to the implementation of media’s social mission the role of the "fourth power", giving social significance and weight to all the activities of journalists which determined the relevance and timeliness of this study. Its purpose was to study the peculiarities of reflecting the public interest in journalistic texts of the Internet-representations of the media of the Republic of Tatarstan. Considering the differences in approaches to the definition of public interest, based on the analysis of media practices, public interest is presented as a special form of reflection of the high degree of expression of interests and goals of the individual of certain social groups and society in general in the media system with the priority of personal interests over the state ones. Based on the analysis of the content of the internet-representations of the major media of the Republic as well as the internet interview, the internet survey and discourse analysis, content analysis of the comments, the special technologies were revealed, used to reflect the public interests in the media. These include the narrative technologies, based on the development of the world through stories and narratives. The most popular forms of narration in reflection of public interest are: a story, a diary (blog, blogging), a story of… (based on the transformation of the genre of the report), the comment (in the forum, to the material). The study didn’t identify direct effect of reflection of public interest in the media of the Republic of Tatarstan on social tensions. The specific reflection of public interests include: compliance of public interests with needs and goals of society; impersonal character of public interests, allowing to express them in general terms on different levels :personal, group, community; freedom of expression and reflection of public interest; protection of public interest at the level of public and personal offices, facilitated by the complexity and breadth of distribution the Internet-representations of the socio-political, specialized and corporate media. Public interests are described in terms of the following levels: state interests; public interests; corporate interests; ethnic and national interests; personal interests.

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Elena S. Doroschuk and S. Tatiana Staroverova, 2016. Reflection of Public Interest in Online Mediare Presentations of the Republic of Tatarstan. The Social Sciences, 11: 6809-6812.

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