The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 28
Page No. 6826 - 6830

Ways to Foster Critical Thinking in Students

Authors : Marzieh Kalbali and Sakineh Shahi

Abstract: Critical thinking can be the main objectives of education in a world that is an integral part of any educational system. In schools today, the emphasis is only on the skills of reading, writing and counting while these skills are not inherently valuable and no scholarism in education. Thoughtful people exercise training schools. People tend to interpret the impact on recall information. It is necessary, adopt methods that enhance student motivation and challenge thought processes, change the passive and cautious in the exchange of ideas and thinking. The aim of this review study is to investigate the importance of developing critical thinking in students. Showed results of a study books and review previous research, can be reached in the light of faith and reason and thought and higher level of humanity. Critical thinking is one of the fundamental objectives of education at global level. Critical thinking can be judged on authenticity and value of the information and arguments presented. So for the future, we empower people with the freedom of thought and creativity to nurture them from an early age. So, schools have to replace the transfer of knowledge and disciplinary dry environments that require only reproduce knowledge to provide conditions to build their student’s knowledge.

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Marzieh Kalbali and Sakineh Shahi, 2016. Ways to Foster Critical Thinking in Students. The Social Sciences, 11: 6826-6830.

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