The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 30
Page No. 7158 - 7162

The Making of Malaysian Multiple Intelligences Stimulator

Authors : Nurulwahida Hj Azid, Mardzelah Makhsin and Aizan Yaacob

Abstract: The Malaysian Multiple Intelligences Stimulator (MMIS) was established to stimulate interests and raise the multiple intelligence profile of orphans aged 14 year old. The MMIS concept of Computer-Based Learning (CBL) which is built on the ADDIE Model is unique in a sense that it contains 28 interactive problem solving activities which can give an automatic scoring if a solution is made correctly. In fact the activities provided are also based on the Malaysian customs and culture. Nine intelligences are composed of verbal linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual-spatial, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist and existential. Eight lecturers with expertise in three areas education technology, curriculum and multimedia were chosen to evaluate the MMIS before the true-experimental study was carried out and five orphans were interviewed. Interactive application assessment questionnaire was used to obtain quantitative research data whilst the interview was designed to obtain qualitative data. The mean average for each category of assessment is very good. The mean average based on information design category = 3.62, interaction design = 3.33 and design of the presentation are reported as follows (a general presentation = 3.96, graphic presentation = 3.58, font presentation = 3.76, color presentation = 3.88, audio performance = 3.71, video presentation = 3.92 and the button presentation = 3.91). We discovered that the MMIS stimulated and enhanced student’s multiple intelligences. In conclusion, MMIS implies the following; it promotes teaching and learning techniques, induces potential of orphans in Malaysia and it contributes to the process of designing effective teaching.

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Nurulwahida Hj Azid, Mardzelah Makhsin and Aizan Yaacob, 2016. The Making of Malaysian Multiple Intelligences Stimulator. The Social Sciences, 11: 7158-7162.

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