The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 30
Page No. 7230 - 7234

Taking a Collaborative Decision: Attitude of the Teacher and the Encouragement by the Principal

Authors : Norazlinda Saad and Surendran Sankaran

Abstract: To achieve curriculum and co-curriculum excellence in schools collaborative decision-making processes among the principals and the teachers are needed. Studies have shown that in the context of school’s administration, the involvement of the teachers in decision making, through collaboration with their principals is lacking and the main cause of the teacher’s absence in the decision-making process is the attitude of the teachers themselves. The aim of this research is to identify what influences the attitudes of teachers and in the same line of thinking the variables that encourage the principals in involving teachers in this collaborative decision-making processes. This study is research-based involving the use of a questionnaire as the instrument. The analysis done subsequently showed that the items in the study have a reliability coefficient of 0.94. The study involved a total of 399 teachers chosen randomly from high achieving SMKs in the state of Kedah. The study found a significant relationship between the teachers and the encouragements from the principals. The attitude variable represents a significant influence in the encouragements shown by the principals. Results show that the readiness shown by the teachers in the decision-making processes is able to raise the encouragement-levels shown by the principals in involving teachers in collaborative decision-makings in schools.

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Norazlinda Saad and Surendran Sankaran, 2016. Taking a Collaborative Decision: Attitude of the Teacher and the Encouragement by the Principal. The Social Sciences, 11: 7230-7234.

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