The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 31
Page No. 7392 - 7397

Entrepreneurial Learning for Women Entrepreneurs: Hijab Fashion Industry

Authors : Salma Azzahra and Wawan Dhewanto

Abstract: Women have a lot of potential that can be empowered so that they can contribute to a nation’s development. Over time, the space and opportunity for women to show their existence more wide open so it can easily distribute their potential and talents. One of the ways to empower women without leaving their duties, functions and roles in household is through entrepreneurial activity. Supported by the development of technology and globalization, many women are now decided to become entrepreneurs. Women entrepreneurs have a very important role in economy development in Indonesia. Therefore, it is important to recognize the effective entrepreneurial learning process for women. This process can be delivered to women to increase a number of women entrepreneurs. This study was conducted using qualitative approach to gain deep understanding about the motivation and barrier factors of women to become entrepreneurs and to determine the most appropriate entrepreneurial learning process for women especially in hijab fashion industry. The results of this study show that the women motivations become entrepreneurs are: passion role model; social motive; own income; own business. The barrier factors that are faced by women entrepreneurs namely: Limited knowledge; skilled workers; product marketing; time management; capital. In addition, the entrepreneurial learning process for women entrepreneurs starts from spouse permission or family. In overcoming the barrier and developing their business, women learn the knowledge of entrepreneurs by learning from the expert, experiences, educational background, entrepreneurship training and seminar, organization and community gathering to overcome the obstacles and assistance from big company.

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Salma Azzahra and Wawan Dhewanto, 2016. Entrepreneurial Learning for Women Entrepreneurs: Hijab Fashion Industry. The Social Sciences, 11: 7392-7397.

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