The Social Sciences

Year: 2016
Volume: 11
Issue: 31
Page No. 7516 - 7519

Abstract: A review of related literature shows that inculcating values and developing good character has been a great concern in the school curriculum in many countries including Malaysia. There are various intrinsic and extrinsic values embedded in the curriculum and entrepreneurship is a part of it. Entrepreneurship in education is about inspiring entrepreneurial potential. Wealth and a high majority of jobs are created by small businesses started by entrepreneurially minded individuals and many of whom go on to create big businesses. People exposed to entrepreneurship frequently express that they have more opportunity to exercise creative freedoms, higher self-esteem and an overall greater sense of control over their own lives. As a result, many experienced business, people political leaders, economists and educators believe that fostering a robust entrepreneurial culture will maximize individual and collective economic and social success on a local, national and global scale. Youth and adults to succeed in an entrepreneurial economy is the aim. This study discusses the concept of entrepreneurship and its nurturing benefit to education and future generation. The very important outcome is entrepreneurship is also being developed as a way of developing skills such as risk-taking and problem solving that facilitate achievement of life goals and in education. Student who gets involved in business has a potential to inculcate those good values to be a better person. The education sphere is called to nurture the entrepreneurial skills by incorporating in the education modules with the religious and high moral values teachings in order to re-engineer the better world.

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Norziah Othman, Nor`Adha Ab Hamid, Rahmahtunnisah Sailin, Nurkaliza Khalid Nor, Abdul Hadi Awang and Mohd Farok Mat Nor, 2016. Nurturing Entrepreneurship in Education Strategy. The Social Sciences, 11: 7516-7519.

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