The Social Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 2
Page No. 279 - 283

Indigenous Knowledge in Lamalera Village and Preservation Tools in the Society

Authors : Putrisetyati Hasanah and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim

Abstract: Lamalera society has a tradition of whale hunting which has been going on from hundreds years ago. This tradition has been implemented to be living fulfillment of the society to overcome the dry season and fulfill the villager’s food. Local knowledge preservation was required to preserve the tradition so it can be used by generation to generation and can be accessed by the public. Knowledge preservation performed by story telling from generation to generation until the controling of access level to maintain the tradition. Access level in the society is needed to observe the level of influential people to deliver this tradition. Observing the nature makes Lamalera society which basically live in barren area has another alternative to maintain their life using whale hunting. It also is used to create innovation on fulfilling the needs of fuel as life support from the whale processing. The application of local knowledge preservation, the clan chief’s or traditional leader’s role on whale flesh distribution, the determination of ritual beginning, until then the action of whale hunting and the basic aim of the hunting were performed and reproduced by the knowledge of traditional leader to the next generation of Lamafa. Knowledge delivery of Lamafa from generation to generation constitutes control tool from the Lamalera society to preserve their tradition.

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Putrisetyati Hasanah and Tamara Adriani Susetyo-Salim, 2017. Indigenous Knowledge in Lamalera Village and Preservation Tools in the Society. The Social Sciences, 12: 279-283.

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