The Social Sciences

Year: 2017
Volume: 12
Issue: 2
Page No. 319 - 324

Ilm and Marifah from Perspective of Ibn Arabi

Authors : Asadollah Mortezaee

Abstract: In Ibn Arabi’s opinion, ilm (science) was persistent revelation of god to heart which had not been veiled by worldly occupations. True ilm was accompanied with practice and its outcome was intangible paradise. He believed that ilm had a divine nature and marifah (knowledge) had a lordly nature. Therefore, according to him, ilm was superior over marifah. Based on this difference, manifah is from the universe of creation and ilm is from the universe of imperative. So, this study aims to explain ilm and marifah from perspective of Ibn Arabi. For this purpose, first Ibn Arabi’s opinion on ilm and its difference with marifah and finally, features of ilm are described.

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Asadollah Mortezaee , 2017. Ilm and Marifah from Perspective of Ibn Arabi. The Social Sciences, 12: 319-324.

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